Monday, 18 November 2013

Horisont V - Kingdom of Heaven

Fresh from a couple of days gaming at Horisont V with some photos of the Third Crusade game I hosted. Each army came in around 2750 points with two to three players aside.

First the Ayyubids. Two big units of Syrian halqa, two units of arab infantry (half with bows), two units of Turcoman light horse, some Mamluk cavalry and a gaggle of skirmishers - all Musketeer Miniatures, painted by Howard Gray (, and based by me:

Then the Third Crusaders. two units of MO knights, and another of Crusader (mounted) knights, with dismounted crusaders, some mercenary Italian crossbowmen and allied Kingdom of Jerusalem foot (half with crossbows) - all Perry Miniatures, painted and based by me:

Mostly positive response with only one announcing the rules/lists were broke after his Syrian halqa received take a right kicking off some Templars and then get cut down when they eventually broke!

So obviously it's something we'll have to address in a future errata - or not :-)))

To be fair, the Ayyubids are not an easy army to play. Even for experienced players they may present a bit of a challenge. I'd planned on a 8x4, but ended up on a shorter board, which didn't help. These guys certainly need the space.

Anyway, looks like we'll be doing a re-run at Aalborg sometime soon and maybe another location yet to be confirmed ;-)

Saturday, 9 November 2013

General tidying up

I was pretty unhappy with the Moritat and Destroyer Squad. So they have enjoyed a renaissance:

Then there was the matter of my monthly commitment to a 29mm WW1 Imperial Germans army for The Great War. This month (or rather last month's) requirement was for sixteen more Grenadiers:

Thankfully, I 've only another fourteen of these to do, as well as a couple of HMGs, and field artillery piece and four lancers and then I will be free of Field Grey, free I tell you!

Okay, back to basing an Ayyubid army for next weekend, as well as the next batch of Caesarian Romans...